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Project Funding

MUSJID Project Funding Proposal

The 10-acre land has been donated (Waqf) and is held in a public company that is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profit Commission.


  • The total estimated construction costs of the Islamic Centre (including the Musjid) is between $20-22 million.
  • To date over the past 2 years approximately $8,110,000 has been spent on construction. We have a shortfall of approximaely $14m to complete the project
  • The land has been donated Waqf

In-Shaa-Allah we welcome regular donation as well as a lump-sums which will allow us to efficiently plan our construction.

Building Construction Timeline

Planned building works over a period of 3 years In-shaa-Allah
Timeline Projected works
2022 Basement Car Park includes: • Youth Facilities • Madrassa • Janazah • Lifts to male and female Prayer Rooms
2023 Ground Floor includes:
  • Musjid
  • Dawah Centre
  • Accommodation for 10 people visiting Jamaat
  • Additional parking
First Floor:
  • Ladies Salaah Facilities
  • Community Hall
  • Admin and serviced Offices
2024 Onwards
  • Domes and Minarets
  • External works – Water fountain, road, traffic lights, access road
  • Landscaping and playgrounds
  • Completing  works to entire Project – Insha’Allah