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2024 Update


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Progress and Status Update for 2024

Assalamu-alaikum I am Imraan Andrew Price, one of the Directors and Secretary of the Brisbane Islamic Centre. This is a brief progress and status update for 2024 for the BIC project. Alhamdulillah over the past 2 years approximately A$8.2 million was raised and spent on the construction of the Islamic Centre. The Construction video one our website will provide detailed information on what was constructed with these funds. May Allah SWT reward all our donors. During the past 2 years of construction, we noted some minor design issues became apparent which need to be addressed before continuing with construction. Some of the areas under review include:
  • The gross floor area in the Community Hall to accommodate the anticipated number of attendees. This will require parking amedments.
  • The ceiling height in the male and female sections of the Masjid
  • Provision for Itikaaf in the male area.
  • Sahin Area to be designed for dual use as a lobby and for Janazah Salaah.
  • And several other minor adjustments
Since the DA was obtained through Court approval, all amendments to the DA must be ratified by the court by means of a Minor Change application. This entails engaging consultants and solicitors, and is estimated to take up to 12 months to have them approved by the Court. So, we have opted to pause construction works for 2024 and finalise these amendments. Whilst this is happening, we see this as an opportunity to use this period to raise funds towards the shortfall of funds required for ongoing construction. The project still requires an estimated 14million dollars for completion. Fundraising initiatives will include:
  • Local community fund raising events.
  • Interstate events in collaboration with other Islamic Fund-raising organizations.
  • State and Federal Government Capital grants for the Dawah, Information Centre, the library and the museum.
  • International Private donors.
  • Philanthropic Government agencies.
On behalf of the BIC Board we thank you for your understanding and May Allah SWT reward you for your contributions thus far and look forward to your ongoing support in 2024. Wassalam