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Donation appeal for the lifts

For a brief update regarding the progress at the BIC construction site, please refer to above page “2024 Update

As this page makes mention that construction work has been temporarily suspended, until changes are made to the plans and endorsed by the Brisbane City Council (BCC). Once these changes are mutually agreed to between BIC and BCC, the Planning and Environment Court will need to simply endorse them. This process in town planning terms is called a “Minor Change” application.   

In the lead up to obtaining the Minor Change approval, we are still purchasing building material and equipment. So, we are kindly appealing to you, to please assist this project (yours and our future generations) by donating funds so that we can continue purchasing building materials. This will facilitate us when construction resumes, to have as much building material in hand and paid for.

Alhumdulilah the 2 lifts (separate ones for Male and Females) have at the end of March 2024, been delivered to the site and are now in storage in the basement (refer to below images). These lifts will convey Musalees from the 400 car parks to the 2 dedicated prayer levels (Ground and First floor) of the Musjid.

Adjacent to the Men’s lift in the basement car park, will be the Janazah facility. From here the Janazah will be elevated to the Sehen area of the Musjid (Ground floor) for the Janazah Salaat to be performed.

Hearses will be parked immediately next to the Men’s lift in the basement, to easily facilitate the conveyance of Murhooms to the cemetery.

Insha’Allah some of us reading this and our future generations will have the benefit of this purpose-built facility, designed specifically for our community needs.

The purpose built Janazah facility will have a large ghusal room, cold room to store several Janazahs at one time, storage room (for kafans, etc,) and a seating area for bereaved family members.   

(Alhumdulilah $350,000 has been sponsored entirely by ONE brother for this Janazah facility. May Allah SWT be pleased with him, immensely).

The cost for the lifts is as follows:

  • Ladies’ Lift: $110,000
  • Men’s Lift: $136,000 (being larger to accommodate a hospital bed for the Janazah)

We are humbly appealing to you Brother and Sisters, to donate to the cost of these lifts, by way of clicking one of the following links BELOW.

May Allah SWT reward you immensely for your generosity. Ameen.

Jazak’Allah Khair.


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Donate Now

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