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Project Funding-old

MASJID Project Funding Proposal

The 10-acre land acquisition and above works have largely been funded by generous donors and by members of the community to a total of approximately $3.5 million. The property has been donated (Waqf) and is held in a trust entity and is unencumbered.


  • The entire Masjid Complex project (including land and earthworks) + building construction is estimated to be $20-22 million.
  • Construction of the Masjid building itself is estimated at $18 million.

In-Shaa-Allah the project will be funded as follows:

  • Donations of $6.3 million over the 3 years of construction.
  • We welcome regular donation as well as a lump-sums which will allow us to efficiently plan our construction.

For details of HOW YOU CAN DONATE click here

Building Construction Timeline

Planned building works over a period of 3 years In-shaa-Allah


Projected works


Basement Car Park

• Youth Facilities

• Madrassa

• Janazah

• Lifts to male and female Prayer Rooms


Ground Floor

  • Masjid
  • Dawah Centre
  • Additional parking


First Floor

  • Ladies Salaah Facilities
  • Community Hall
  • Admin and serviced Offices


  • Domes and Minarets 
  • External works – Water fountain, road, traffic lights, access road
  • Landscaping and playgrounds
  • Completing final works to entire Project